Community Homegroup information

Awaken Community Homegroups

The Barn:

The Barn is a fun, engaging small group of families.  Each week, we engage in a spirited discussion about God and living out our faith.   

When:  Fridays at 6:30pm

Where:  Awaken Church  (4820 Executive Park Court  Suite 104)

Contact:  Patrick Burke / 210-441-9848 /  OR Bryon Wuczynski / 904-708-1690 /



"We're an engaging group of young singles and young couples who enjoy getting together for dinner, fellowship, and Bible study/discussion."

When: Tuesdays at 5:30pm

Where: Roberts home

Contact:  Andrew Roberts / 321-794-0389 /



"TBA stands for 'Together Being Awesome,' though it could also stand for 'Tacos, Basically Always,' since that's a group favorite for dinner. We are a group that loves to spend time together, both for Homegroup and random adventures. We have young children, married couples, singles, and college students so anyone is welcome and will find compatriots. We share a potluck-style meal every Wednesday along with the occasional game/movie night.

When: Tuesdays at 6:30pm

Where: St. John's Bluff (close to the towncenter)

What to expect: A typical Wednesday starts with the meal (ladies eat first) and enjoy fellowship while everyone settles in. This is followed by a discussion/teaching, in which everyone is encouraged to bring to the table what God lays on their heart. Once a month, we have Lifegroups, where men and women have separate times to encourage each other and have more direct discipleship.

Contact: Richard and Jackie Dubay / / 904-537-7115 OR Stephen and Caroline Freeman / / 904-418-1503



Focus on the Family

"Focus on the family is a group that is like it sounds. With a broad array of families, we focus on helping bless and grow the families in our neighborhood and church.

When: Fridays at 6:30pm

Where: Bartram Springs

What to expect: We start with a meal and fellowship time. Afterwards, we'll have a Bible study or discussion and then close with some fun.

Contact: Christian Gyle / 904-994-8171 /




"We're a new Homegroup that consists of a fun-loving group that knows how to work (and work out) hard. We have a fun blend of friends and kids who enjoy coming together on Sunday nights to worship God and know Him better."

When: Sunday at 7:00pm

Where: St. Augustine and 210

What to expect: A typical Sunday night starts with fellowship and worship. After that, we jump into a Bible study and close out with a Lifegroup time with men and women.

Contact: Paul Hardman / 352-359-6510 /