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Love God Passionately, Serve Others Humbly


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Love God Passionately, Serve Others Humbly


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Welcome to Awaken

About Us

AwakenChurch is a next-generational church in Jacksonville whose focus is helping people love God passionately and serving others humbly. To that end, we work hard at building an authentic community that helps people fulfill their God-given potential.

We meet at 10:30AM on Sunday mornings and would be honored to have you join us!

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Our Homegroups represent the heart of our church.

Following the model of the early church (Acts 1:8), we encourage our members to join a Homegroup where we enjoy good food, good fellowship, and good friends.

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Current Series

Missing God

It’s one thing to believe that God is always with us, but is more challenging in actual reality. How can we know God is with us? How can we hear His voice? How can we determine His will? What are the cultural things that keep us from hearing? What does it look like to hear God speak? What does it look like to discern His will? Will you follow God’s plan?

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