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At AwakenChurch, We’re Facing a Few (Good) Problems:

  • Our Awaken Kids space is getting tight, and making it harder for the youngest disciples to fit into our children’s ministry. New families are joining and bringing kids, and our limited children’s space is becoming an obstacle for a church that is focused on the next generation.
  • Our Youth rooms are seeing a similar space issue. As kids have grown, we have more and more middle school and high school students becoming a part of JOLT and that population will keep growing.
  • Our Storage space in this location is very limited as well. This may not be a problem many people can see, but it limits our ability to open up new ministries and easily say yes to new things people are passionate about.
  • Our 10-Year Lease in Executive Park expires in April of 2025, which means the decision on what to do next is coming.

Rather than see these as simply problems or limitations, we want to see them as opportunities to see what God is doing next for our Church. 

Andrew Roberts

Our AwakenGeneration Campaign is designed to bridge the gap between Awaken’s present and Awaken’s future.

We intend to do this by raising at least $600,000 over the next 3 years, that will be dedicated towards a larger space. And, in so doing, expand our capacity to reach the next Generation here in Jacksonville.


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AwakenGeneration Campaign Giving
We are so excited that you are partnering with us in faith to see God place us in a new space. Whether you are making your monthly pledge or simply making a special gift – we are so thankful. Simply click the “Give Online” button above and select The Awaken Generation Campaign in the drop down menu. Thank you.

Some Common (And Uncommon) Questions:

How much space do we need and what will look different from this space?

How much space is a great question, and as pastors we sat down and looked at several larger spaces and current commercial spaces available. In addition, we looked at our current space limitations and also dreamed of a future space, and we feel that a space between 13,000 – 20,000 square feet will be adequate. We currently have 8,100 square feet of space and some of the space will look similar. We will still have a sanctuary, bathrooms (non-negotiable), cafe, and kids room. But we would like to have a dedicated youth room, larger kids rooms, more storage space, office space and perhaps even a co-working space.

How was the number of $600,000 reached?

We did not simply pull the number out of a hat. Rather, we partnered with INJOY Stewardship Solutions, an organization that serves churches by helping them financially analyze themselves, determine a Faith-Sized amount (Not a foolish amount), and build a process to lead and shepherd their congregation to see God work in their midst. A capital campaign is never about the amount of money. Instead, it is about vision, faith, ministry and the future of the church.

Where is the ideal, next geographical location of Awaken?

We are not sure. We know that is not a satisfactory answer. However, we trust God will provide. We will be assembling a team in 2024 to look into options, but we can say that the geographical location will be somewhere centered in the Southside area of Jacksonville ideally close to a major nexus of roads.

How can we make sure that we do not lose our culture in a new space?

This is such a good question.  I think the first answer is culture is created and crafted not just by one person, but by all of us.  So, we do not want to lose you.  Aside from that we want to make sure to have plenty of room for fellowship and to have the place be a hub for ministry.  

Is anybody starting to look for new spaces?

We are hoping to assemble a team in 2024 to begin looking at spaces. Currently, the pastors have their eye on some commercial listings and properties.

What are the plans to impact the community around the new space?

The answer will somewhat depend on where we are located.  Ideally, we can mobilize around several neighborhood outreaches to let the communities know we are in their area and we care.  What are some of your ideas? Drop us an email at moc.liamg@anqnekawa

Are capital or stewardship campaigns Biblical?

In a simple word, yes. There is ONE clear answer expressed in both the OT and the NT. In the OT, God commanded His people to do two things: tithe 10% and give free-will offerings. Interestingly enough, these free-will offerings surrounded the building and construction of every OT house of worship from the tabernacle to Solomon’s temple to the post-exilic temple. Books such as Deuteronomy, Leviticus, 1 Chronicles, Haggai, Malachi, and Nehemiah invited God’s people to give above and beyond the 10% for building the house of the Lord. In the NT, Jesus commands to give until the need is met, and books such as Acts, Corinthians and Philippians are full of such examples. What is beautiful about all of these examples is God’s people willingly and generously gave, in order to build a place of worship.

Why do a capital campaign if we occasionally struggle with our church budget?

Typically, a capital campaign seeks to raise 1 to 3 times the annual budget of a church over the course of 1 to 3 years. Oftentimes, there is a simple reason: to pay off debt, expand an area of ministry or build new facilities. Yes, churches do struggle with their budgets and AwakenChurch is no different. But, we are a family, and just like your family might pick up some extra shifts at work or find a way to save for something special, we are doing the same. We believe we are saving for something special that God will do in the life of our church.

Why not do a church plant?

A capital campaign and a church plant are not mutually exclusive.  However, last summer the pastors spent time together and confirmed that focusing on the next space or home for AwakenChurch was the priority.  Yet, leadership development and reaching the next generation is still part of our DNA and practice and both of those are essential parts of sending any future church plant.  We are still focused on both and we believe a future church plant will emerge in God’s perfect timing. 

Why did the leadership of Awaken opt to hire outside help/counsel with InJoy Stewardship Solutions?

Awaken hired an outside consultant because we felt that asking for help was both the humble and right move. Previously, we did have a capital campaign and God did so many good and beautiful things, but the pastor/staff team was left exhausted. The first campaign was one where we did all of the research and work and God blessed our efforts. We believe God will bless our efforts this time, but we wanted to make sure we were asking for help. COVID changed things, our church is not the same church it was ten years ago, and on a spiritual level as pastors we wanted to seek guidance and humility. Yes, we did pay for outside help and counsel, but in many ways this is wisdom. Many of you pay for the help and guidance of mental health therapists, doctors and professionals. In this area, we felt the value of the counsel was worth the cost.

Can the new space have a coffee shop, day care, a dog park and co-working options?

Our first priority is a space for us to gather for worship, Word, fellowship and ministry.  We are excited to look at other options, but we want to make sure the space is functional and fits our family.  We believe that some of those options can have dual purposes so we are excited to consider a lot of options.  

Why is this money just used for space, there are other needs now?

Yes, there are some other needs now – whether we are trying to improve some of our current facility needs or upgrade some existing equipment or even look at new staff options.  All of these needs though do not warrant the focus needed on a new space.  Our goal is to save and invest for a new space.  It is easier to do one thing well, than try to do many things. 

So, what are the Key Dates?

This campaign will last for 3 years and we are excited to celebrate what God will do.  We will have amazing key dates, but the launch dates are as follows:

  • Public Launch – September 17th (AwakenChurch 15 year anniversary)
  • Spiritual Journey – September 17th – October 8th
  • Commitment Sunday – October 8th – bring your commitment cards and first gift
  • Celebration Sunday – October 22nd – reveal and celebrate what God has done

Is there a recommended amount to give?

Thanks for asking!  First and foremost, we would have you prioritize having a conversation with Jesus and then faithfully give whatever HE tells you to give.  

That shared, our heart for this campaign is for everyone who is a part of Awaken to sacrifice equally.  Practically, our ask is for you to prayerfully consider giving (in addition to your Tithes) an additional 5% specifically allocated to the AwakenGeneration Campaign. 

That will be a sacrifice we will all feel, but will feel equally.  Obviously, we would be blessed by those who choose to give more than that amount.  We will also understand if others will not be able to give up to that amount.  But, should our people continue to faithfully Tithe and then give an additional 5% to our Campaign, we will then raise at least $600,000 towards Awaken’s future space.  And we will have done this by Faith, in Faith, and Together!  

How do I give?

There are two ways to give.  The first is to fill out your commitment card and bring your first gift on Sunday, October 8th for Commitment Sunday.  The second is to go to our website under the Awaken Generation Campaign and fill out the digital commitment card, then give online and select the drop down menu for “The Awaken Generation Campaign.” Additionally, once you have made your first gift, then you can choose to make your ongoing gifts in three ways:

Have Other Questions You Didn’t See Here?

Email us at moc.liamg@AnQnekawA with your question. If it’s a question that others may be wondering about, we’ll add it here!