AwakenChurch Deacons & First Responders

Our deacons and first responders are key leaders in AwakenChurch who have gone through training and have been approved by our pastors/elders to serve in a leadership capacity. First responders are responsible for key areas of leadership, including leading communion, acting as assistance and accountability in some of the finance roles, teaching, and leading other initiatives in the church. Deacons have a set role of leadership in a singular area.

Both deacons and first responders have gone through the Great Commission Leadership Institute training and have completed a leadership assessment that has been reviewed by the pastors/elders.

  • Alyssa Bopp: First Responder
  • JB Bopp: Deacon (Local Mission Support)
  • Jackie Dubay: Deacon (Mission Outreach Support)
  • Nathan Edwards: Deacon (Prayer Ministry)
  • Dana Edwards: Deacon (Prayer Ministry)
  • Caroline Freeman: First Responder
  • Stephen Freeman: Deacon (Social Media & Public Relations)
  • Paul Hardman: First Responder
  • Val Hardman: First Responder
  • Tim Heinz: First Responder
  • Larry Kirk: Deacon (Sunday Morning Coordinator)
  • Charles Newmeyer: First Responder
  • Jessica O’Brien: Deacon & AwakenChurch Board Member
  • Kelly O’Brien (First Responder)
  • Gary Sowell: Deacon & AwakenChurch Board Member