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AwakenChurch Deacons

Our deacons are key leaders in AwakenChurch who have gone through training and have been approved by our pastors to serve in a leadership capacity. Deacons are responsible for key areas of leadership, including leading communion, acting as assistance and accountability in some of the finance roles, teaching, and leading other initiatives in the church. Select deacons have a set role of leadership in a singular area.

All deacons have gone through a multi-year leadership development process focusing on doctrine, character and ministry skills.

  • Alyssa Bopp: Sunday Morning Ministries Coordinator – Front of the House
  • JB Bopp: Home Group Coach
  • Charles Newmeyer: Local Mission Support
  • Jessica O’Brien: AwakenChurch Board Member
  • Nate Flores: Sunday Morning Ministries Coordinator – Back of the House I
  • Kelly O’Brien:  Sunday Morning Ministries Coordinator – Back of the House II
  • Gary Sowell: AwakenChurch Board Member
  • Julio Zayas: Prayer
  • Stephen Freeman: AwakenGeneration Campaign Director & Digital Dark Arts
  • Chrissian Potter: AwakenGeneration Campaign Media Director
  • Katy Hopkins: AwakenGeneration Campaign Events
  • Joshua Deaton: AwakenGeneration Campaign Spiritual Journey
  • Jerry Van Dalen Jr.: AwakenGeneration Campaign Follow-Up