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In the midst of our wandering and confusing lives, we have found Jesus Christ to be our foothold and firm foundation.

AwakenChurch is a non-denominational church committed to reaching young singles, young families, and the young-at-heart in the Jacksonville area. In the midst of our wandering and confusing lives, we have found Jesus Christ to be our foothold and firm foundation.

Sunday Services start at 10:30am and you can get directions on our location page. We would like to invite you to join us and get to know us. Our hope is that, together, we might have an impact on our family, friends, and generation… an impact that will lead us to deeper faith and live better lives.

We invite you to complete our Connect Card so that we can follow up with you and get to know you better.

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Going Deeper

This next section is if you would like to get to know more about us before meeting us. We’ve put together this overview of why we believe we are here and why we want to serve the Jacksonville community.

So much of our lives exist in the unknown.

Most of us can accept that our lives have many more uncertainties than certainties. Terms like “I hope” and “I pray” and “I wish” have become a commonplace way for us to express how we move forward in the midst of that uncertainty. In the Bible, God tells us that FAITH is the bridge between our uncertainty and the reality God represents.

The Place of Faith

The Bible tells us that “Faith is the assurance of things hoped for and the certainty of things not seen.”

But, though all of us live by faith to some degree, the OBJECT of our faith in is equally important. I have more faith in my wife than a stranger I may meet on the street. In Christianity, the OBJECT of our faith is Jesus Christ.

What God has chosen to do, in the midst of our uncertain and mysterious lives, is offer a map. A map that doesn’t remove the mystery, but opens up travel routes and give us a sense of our destination and how to arrive there. He warns us that the journey will involve rough terrain, but that there will be other travelers on the road as well who will help and support you as you journey.

In Christianity, the Bible is our roadmap and God’s Holy Spirit is the Guide. Jesus Christ is the “key” who unlocks access to both map and Guide.

What We Believe Christianity is All About

The Christian faith is not about morality – living in a right or wrong way. Jesus Christ did not come to make bad people good – HE came to make dead people live.

That is why Jesus is the key. Without understanding Christ, without accepting that we are all “dead” inside, then we will not have the ability or wherewithal to seek and accept life. That we have all fallen short of God’s perfect standard is hardly a difficult thing to believe. To accept that what we have without God is “death” that is a more challenging belief. Not untrue, but tougher for the independent spirits we are to accept.

God has come to Awaken mankind from their slumber/death state and reveal how life was designed to be lived…as our life-giver intended it to be lived. That “way” was never intended to be built on a bunch of rules and orthodoxy, but on experiencing life to the fullest. Don’t misunderstand– that doesn’t mean God has not given us boundaries, but simply that the boundaries exist so we might experience life to the fullest; if not in this lifetime, then certainly in the life to come.

More On Our Doctrinal Beliefs

AwakenChurch is a church built on the vision of Christ: to Awaken people from their dream-like slumber and usher them into the reality and life God desires for us all to experience.

Join us for the journey.

We understand that the journey will be fun, challenging, and designed by God to be experienced with others who are also on the “way.” Jesus told Nicodemus in the Bible that becoming a follower of Christ is akin to being born again. There will be a messy process of growing up and learning what life is all about. But, with the Bible as our map, the Holy Spirit as our Guide and a community of fellow travelers by our side, we can navigate our way through life and discover all God intended for us to experience.

The revolution begins… the horn is blowing… will you arise and LIVE?