Missionary Partnerships

AwakenChurch is honored to partner with missionaries working around the world to spread the gospel. Each year, a portion of our missions budget is allocated to three missionary couples serving with Great Commission Europe, a non-profit organization committed to planting churches, making disciples, and reaching the nations through Europe. A portion of our missions budget is also allocated to a regional missionary serving with Catalyst for Harmony, a non-profit committed to strengthening racial harmony within the Church.

Mateo & Katie Echeverry

Cologne, Germany

Mateo and Katie relocated to Germany to help reach the lost and support the millions of refugees there. Germany is home to approximately 3.4 million people from “unreached people groups.” Mateo and Katie work to evangelize, disciple, and connect refugees with local churches.

In partnership with Great Commission Europe and Reliant Mission, they are leading a pioneering church planting team geared towards planting simple and reproducible churches that can multiply back to the countries of origin of the refugees.

You can learn more about their ministry and how to partner with the Cologne team on their website.

Joe & Peggy Dunn

Great Commission Europe

Joe and Peggy joined full time ministry in 1991 and relocated to Amsterdam in 2003. While living in Amsterdam, their hearts were burdened by the brokenness around them and God used the experience to turn their hearts towards ministering to those in Europe.

Currently, Joe serves as the Managing Director for Great Commission Europe (GCE). While they reside in the U.S., Joe travels extensively to provide strategic leadership, equipping, coaching and care for national pastors and missionaries, and expand the gospel and disciple-making to new peoples. cities and countries throughout Europe.

You can learn more about their ministry and how to partner with Joe and Peggy on their website.

Timmy & Kenyon Powers

Great Commission Europe

For over thirty years Timmy and Kenyon Powers have been actively involved in making disciples and planting churches. Beginning in 1998, they started planting churches in Ukraine. That work has now spread to Armenia, China, Moldova, Poland, Romania and Russia. Though his family’s home base changed to the Atlanta area in 2013, Timmy continues to travel extensively throughout Europe and to daily minister to leaders and churches located overseas. Timmy and Kenyon are also actively involved in reaching refugees in Clarkston, Georgia.

You can learn more about their ministry and how to partner with Timmy and Kenyon on their website.

Todd Valentine

Catalyst for Harmony
Todd is a collaborator with Catalyst for Harmony.  He has a deep passion for consistent discipleship in racial harmony and justice.  With Catalyst for Harmony he will be a part of a team that is cultivating biblically-centered, gospel-fueled, and inter-culturally agile Jesus followers to be more congruently aligned with the values and visions of the Kingdom of God.  He prays that through this work, a greater missional impact will be enhanced through greater trust and increased collaboration in the united Body of Christ.
You can learn more about Catalyst and how to partner with Todd on his giving website.

Missionaries Supported by Small Groups

Each year, our small groups are provided with seed money to support missionaries that they know or have connections with. The small groups members often add to the seed money and are able to make larger gifts to missionaries and mission organizations. Through small group involvement in missions support, our saints remain attune to how God is building the church around the world.

Recently, our church has supported the missionaries below through small groups and giving surplus. To learn more about the ministry each is doing, click on their names.