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In the days of the early church, they adopted Creeds to help the Saints know what they believe. These creeds were designed to simply and assertively define belief in the midst of controversy and disputes. This series will walk through the Apostles Creed over 7 weeks and talk about the core beliefs of our Christian faith.

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Listen to GrowPart Two of our series Undercover church where our pastor Andrew Roberts invites us to go deeper into the perspective of Lydia as the early church was starting. The story can be found in Acts chapter 16.

Prayer Service

Listen to Prayer ServicePrayer Service led by Nathan and Dana Edwards

Undercover Church - Planted

Listen to Undercover Church - PlantedUndercover Church - Planted by AwakenChurch Jax

Creed Part 5

Listen to Creed Part 5Forgiveness of sins, the resurrection, and life eternal.

Creed Part 5

Listen to Creed Part 5Creed Part V

Creed Part 4

Listen to Creed Part 4He descended into hell; on the third day HE rose again from the dead

Creed Part 3

Listen to Creed Part 3Creed Part 3 by AwakenChurch Jax

Creed Part 2 (Jesus Christ)

Listen to Creed Part 2 (Jesus Christ)Creed Part 2 (Jesus Christ) by AwakenChurch Jax

Creed Part 1 (God the Father)

Listen to Creed Part 1 (God the Father)Creed Part 1 - Frank Liu - February 10, 2019

Will I Follow?

Listen to Will I Follow?Part IV of the Missing God series- So you've heard God's voice- now what? Deacon Stephen Freeman talks about being obedient to God, and how to remember His voice and live for Him.

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