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What the Bible Doesn’t Say

“To thine own self be true,” “God won’t give you more than you can handle,” “God helps those who help themselves.” Our culture tells us a lot of things that try to pass for Truth, but some of the things we believe as cultural truisms are worth a second look.

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Money is the Root of All Evil

Listen to Money is the Root of All EvilMoney is the Root of All Evil by AwakenChurch Jax

We're All God's Children

Listen to We're All God's ChildrenWe're All God's Children by AwakenChurch Jax

Devil Made Me Do It

Listen to Devil Made Me Do ItDevil Made Me Do It by AwakenChurch Jax

God Works in Mysterious Ways

Listen to God Works in Mysterious WaysAndrew Roberts tackles this common worldly saying, and provides some truth and practical ways to know God more through his word.

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

Listen to God Helps Those Who Help ThemselvesWhat the Bible Doesn't Say Part 1

Mother's Day

Listen to Mother's DayJoin us as Andrew Roberts shares a special Mother's Day teaching on three different stories of moms and how God uses them as redemptive agents for his glory.


Listen to LegacyLegacy by AwakenChurch Jax

Undercover Church Part IV - The Message

Listen to Undercover Church Part IV - The MessageUndercover Church Part IV - The Message by AwakenChurch Jax

Easter Sunday

Listen to Easter SundayUndercover Part III


Listen to GrowPart Two of our series Undercover church where our pastor Andrew Roberts invites us to go deeper into the perspective of Lydia as the early church was starting. The story can be found in Acts chapter 16.

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