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Everybody wants to belong, but belonging is hard. Distancing, quarantines and technology make belonging even harder.

The Awakening is about belonging.

We gather every week for friendships, study and fun. We do not believe anybody should be alone and disconnected from friends, from God and from the church. So, join us at our large group gathering on Tuesday nights at 7:30 PM, message our staff for more info, or sign up for an event.

Join us Tuesday Nights @ 7:30 PM at AwakenChurch for coffee, conversation & vintage words from Jesus.

Questions? Want to learn more about The Awakening? Email our staff!

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AwakenChurch originated from a campus church launched at the University of North Florida. Those many years of college ministry have ingrained in us the value and urgency of empowering the next generation to fulfill their God-given potential. As a result, college students remain a central and vital part of our church.

The Awakening is the name of our college ministry representing this vital arm of our church. The Awakening not only provides a vibrant environment for college fellowship, but also teachings and equipping that connect to the needs and challenges of college life. If you are a college student in Jacksonville or an incoming student, please take the initiative to get involved in The Awakening! For more information, please contact Pastor Andrew Roberts.